Data Logger in Pharmaceutical Industry

Data Loggers are essential devices used to monitor and record various environmental parameters to ensure product quality, regulatory compliance and safety In the pharmaceutical industry.

Here is How Data Logger helps in Pharmaceutical Industry

Data Logger for Pharma
Data Logger for Pharma
Data Logger for Pharma


Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers can be placed in warehouses where pharmaceutical products and raw materials are stored. Data Loggers help monitor temperature and humidity to ensure that the products are stored within the specified ranges.

Manufacturing Units

Temperature and Humidity data logger is used in processing areas where drug formulation and processing takes place, Data Loggers can monitor temperature, pressure and other process parameters to ensure consistency and adherence to manufacturing standards.


Temperature and humidity data Loggers are used in Stability Chambers and Research Laboratories to monitor the conditions under which pharmaceutical products are stored for extended periods to determine their shelf life and degradation rates. It Sends Alerts


During Shipping: Data Loggers can be placed inside containers during the transportation of pharmaceutical products to monitor temperature and other conditions, ensuring that the products are not exposed to unfavorable conditions that could compromise their quality.

Types of Data Logger Used in Pharma industry