16 Channel Temperature Data Logger SIM based Data Logger (4G M2M SIM)

An 16-Channel Temperature Data Loggers used to monitor and record temperature data from multiple sources simultaneously. It Temperature Data Loggers typically has eight input channels that can connect to different temperature sensors or probes.

The Data Logger records temperature readings at regular intervals and stores the data for later analysis. You will get the live tracking of the temperature readings through IdeabytesIoT App. This type of device is commonly used in various applications such as industrial processes, environmental monitoring, scientific research and more.

8 Channel Temperature Data Logger


Input RTD
PT100 2/3/4 Wire PT1000 2/3/4 Wire (Optional)
Temperature Measuring Range PT100 : -200°C to 550°C
PT1000 : -200°C to 550°C (Optional)
Power Supply DC 5V/1A
Accuracy 0.5°C (0.05% of Full Scale)

Hardware Features

  • 2.4" 128X64 OLED monochrome Graphical Display
  • Internal Li-Ion 8000 mAh battery with under/over voltage protection, up to 18 Hrs battery back-up during power failure
  • Plug & Play Device
  • Parameters can Configured using Smart Phone or Laptop Over Wi-Fi by Connecting to Data Logger
  • 4G LTE CAT1 Technology with In-built M2M SIM
  • 40,000 Records can be Stored in Memory in case of Network Failure
  • Internal Buzzer to Indicate High or Low Alarm
Note: RTD Sensors not included with Data Logger, which need to purchase separately. RTD Sensor cable length can be customized, Extra charges applicable

Software Features

  • Pharma, Chemical & Laboratory Equipment Monitoring application
  • Machine Condition Monitoring
  • Different Views (Dashboard / Map / List), Analytics, Device Management, User Management, Alerts Management
  • Custom Reports (21CFR Part 11 Compliance) PDF, CSV, Excel
  • MKT Value, Audit Trail, Alarm Log, Trend Graphs
  • Alerts, Push Notifications & SMS (Optional)
  • Web & Mobile Apps (iOS & Android)