Dual Channel Temperature and Humidity Data Logger SIM based Data Logger (4G M2M SIM)

Dual Channel Temperature and Humidity Data Logger will have two external temperature sensors connected to the device. These sensors are designed to measure and detect temperature changes in their respective environments.

Dual Channel Temperature Data Loggers are particularly useful when you need to compare the temperature performance of two different systems or environments side by side. This can help identify anomalies, trends, or discrepancies more effectively.

Advantages of Dual Channel Temperature and Humidity Data Logger over Single Channel Temperature Data Logger when you have to monitor two places.

  1. Simultaneous Monitoring
  2. Cost Effective [ If you have to monitor two places simultaneously ]
  3. Space Conservation
  4. Efficient Data Comparison
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Device Type Dual Temperature & Humidity
Model # IBI-MTHD120
Temperature Range -40℃ to +120℃
Accuracy ± 0.5℃ (-10℃ to +50℃)
Resolution 0.1℃
Humidity Range 0 to 100% RH
Accuracy ± 2% RH
Resolution 0.1% RH

Hardware Features

  • 1.3" 128X64 OLED monochrome Graphical Display
  • Internal Li-Ion 4000 mAh battery with under/over voltage protection, up to 24 Hrs battery back-up during power failure
  • Plug & Play, Wall Mountable Device
  • 4G LTE CAT1 Technology with In-built M2M SIM
  • Internal Storage of 150 days at sampling frequency of 15 mins
  • DC Input Voltage 5V/1A
  • IP64 Rated

Software Features

  • Different Views (Dashboard / Map / List), Analytics, Device Management, User Management, Alerts Management
  • Custom Reports (21CFR Part 11 Compliance) PDF, CSV
  • MKT Value, Audit Trail, Alarm Log, Trend Graphs
  • Alerts, Push Notifications & SMS (Optional)
  • Web & Mobile Apps (iOS & Android)